Need Man and Van Hire Advice? I'm Your Man!

Man and Van Hire - Once synonymous with cheap, unreliable fly-by-night businesses, Right?

Well, more recently a large number of these small, often one-man businesses run from home by self employed owner drivers, are gaining respect in the delivery and removals industry by offering REAL alternatives for those who would otherwise be looking to hire a van or employ the services of larger home removals companies.

Hiring a man with a van offers self movers a cheaper way to move house house, move a piano, or even arrange that after hours collection and delivery of a bulky eBay purchase such as a sofa or a motorcycle. 

Advantages of Using a Man with a Van

  1. Convenience - Man and van companies save the hassle of arranging truck rental. There are no large deposits to pay and they drive to you, ready to work.
  2. Manual Handling Expertise - The driver, who is often also the business owner, will usually help you carry and load your items, unless you've opted for van and driver hire ONLY, in which case you would be expected to do the manual labour. However, in my experience, 95 percent of my clients wanted my help. Men that own or work for man and van businesses do lots of carrying and loading of heavy items every day. They know how to do it safely. Most also provide specialist equipment such as sack barrows, straps and dollies. 
  3. Price - Using a man with a van will almost ALWAYS be the cheapest way to move home. They are also cheaper than same day couriers who often won't move bulky, fragile items such as upright pianos and motorcycles. 
  4. Backload Deals - It's possible to get as much as a 70 percent discount on the normal man and van quotes if you're prepared to wait a while. Backload deals are when you list your job with a man and a van bid site. When man and van businesses travel to or close to your collection address, they can often combine your load with another to offer you HUGE discounts.

Why Would I Know About Man and Van Hire Businesses?

Besides networking with over 200 other man with van companies in the UK, many of whom work between Kent and London, I have actually run my own small delivery company that I started in 2008 with only one van. I have over five thousand happy clients, and I've helped people move all sorts of stuff, from motorcycles deliveries, hundreds of upright pianos, school props, fragile items such as art deliveries, and even heavy freight loads such as AGA ovens. But most of my work has been helping people looking for a reliable man and van company who pitches up on time, quotes reasonable and fair prices, and who has a good work ethic and a "Can Do" attitude!

man and van jobsA few of the over 5,000 jobs I've done in my man and van business