3 Ways to Hire a Reliable Man and Van Company in London Without Getting Ripped Off!

Searching for Man and Van London is like gambling - You never know what you'll get until he pitches up to do the job...or doesn't pitch up in many a cases.

So, why did I build this website?

To provide guidance to those people seeking the services of small local one man transport and "van with driver hire" companies make the best informed decisions before hiring a man and van, not only in London, but anywhere that these businesses exist. I write about the good and the bad here.

You'll find great money saving ideas that will make self moving and planning a delivery of your items a stress free experience. 

The following advice is NOT only advise valid for London man and van companies, but wherever there is a large demand for cheap home moving services, be sure there will be unscrupulous companies that do everything in their power to rip people off and make a quick buck. Look out for the following...

Here's A Quick Way To Avoid the "Intimidation Scam" Used By Some Man and Van Businesses In London

In London, the good guys outnumber the bad guys by far, but be aware of the following man and van intimidation tactic...

It works like this:

You ring around for man and van quotes and find someone who quotes you a ridiculously low price over the phone...GREAT...you book it!

Then, come moving day, and provided your "cheap" man and van doesn't get an easier job somewhere else and leave you stranded, we'll assume he and his "mates" pitch up and load your stuff into his dirty old van.

All good so far, until you get to the destination address.

Good luck trying to get your items off the van without having to pay much more than what you thought was a verbal agreement of price when you booked the job.

You'll probably hear.."there is more furniture than you said", or "my price didn't include fuel"... After all, you have no proof of what was agreed. 

Avoid this scam by doing the following:

  • Insisting that you receive your quote in writing. The best way to do this is by using an online quote form that is available on all good man and van sites. 
  • Fill out the online contact or quotation form in as much detail as possible and then to copy it to your computer's or smartphone's clipboard so you can use it again on a few different man and van websites without having to retype it all the time. 
  • If the man and van company phones you back with a quote, ask him to put it in an email so that you have record of it.
  • If you DO decide to go with a quote, ask him to email you a booking confirmation with the full inclusive price informing you whether the rate is per hour or a fixed price quote.

Beware of False Man and Van Reviews

Some man and van companies feel that the best way to convince the public that theirs is the best company is to hire other people to sing their praises online.

Deceptive reviews and feedback on Google and other review can be purchased through sites such as fiverr.com. In fact, in doing research for my article I found false reviews on the first page results for the search term "Man and Van London" I wish I could point them out but instead I will give the following advice so that you know what to look out for. Just head on to Fiverr.com and see how many people will offer to write, or even shoot a false video testimonial for these man and van companies.

SHOCKING! - Did You Know That I Can Buy a "Positive" Review and Recommendation for My Man and Van Business for only £2.50!

"I will make a realistic testimonial or review video for $5!"

(This is an actual headline from one of the hundreds of people selling this type of service)

A legitimate man with van company will probably NOT have 100% 5 Star ratings on sites like Google reviews. They would be lucky to be able to do 2 or 3 jobs a day, that's upwards of 600 deliveries a year, where someone isn't going to complain about the slightest thing, giving them say 4 or 3 out of 5 on Google reviews or wherever it is you are looking for man and van reviews. 

If you can offer a genuine review of a company that you've used and I can verify it, then for the sake of my readers you can include your own review of a man and van company that you've used in my blog page.

Is He Reliable? Will He Pitch up?

I lost count of the amount of times that people used to call me in a panic because they were let down by some man and van companies in London. There are some fly-by-night operators that quote dirt cheap on as many jobs as they can just so as to deprive other man and van companies the opportunity to even quote. 

These unscrupulous man and van companies have no intention of even pitching up to do the job.  They double book almost every job because of their cheap quotes and then cherry pick the easiest jobs at the very last minute, leaving their victims stranded.

The best way to ensure that whoever you decided to use will actually pitch up to do the job is:

  1. Get your quote and a booking confirmation sent to you via email. 
  2. Seek a local man and van company that has a website showing a landline number with the local dialling code for your area, a mobile number and an online quote form. 
  3. Be very wary of the cheapest quotes. (Unless it's a backload. Read my advice on getting huge discounts on backloads by making use of empty vans travelling between London and nationwide destinations) 

It's best to be slightly flexible on times because there can be hold ups on previous jobs and also traffic congestion etc. Don't be unreasonable if the guy is 15 minutes late!

Beware of man with a van sites that use "stock" photos!

It's not always the case, but look out for adverts where the picture of what is supposed to be their van, is actually a stock photo lifted from a dealer site, or computer generated stick figures carrying furniture or other items such as this picture on the right.

It's reassuring to see the man's van. Seeing a picture on his website of his van will give you an idea of who it is you'll be dealing with.

If the pictures are of a nice clean van with photos of the equipment he has to make your move easier, such as ramp, piano dolly, protective blankets and a sack barrow, and it has his company name on the van, then you should be ok. 

The other reason you want to see HIS van and not some generic picture lifted off a dealer website, is to see the size. 

Have a look at my page on van sizes which will give you an idea of what size removals van you'll need.

A Good, Honest Man and Van Company will have pictures or a video of HIS van with HIS company name on it!...

Like This

There are Plenty of Good, Reliable Man and Van Companies in London.
When You Find One, Here's How they Can Help You:

The good ones are out there. They offer a very convenient and much cheaper way to transport all types of things that are too large or delicate for a courier to deliver, while filling the gap between expensive home removals companies and the inconvenience of van rental. Large developed cities like London have so many man and van companies because there is such a huge demand. 

Man and van hire companies narrow the gap between DIY self moving and the costs of large moving companies even further by providing the option of hiring extra men for more challenging transport jobs. These include moving pianos, machinery and heavy appliances.

Most of these small companies offer much more than just Van with Driver services, they bring plenty of skill and experience that will not only save you time in figuring out what order to load and how to securely transport all sorts of items, but they also save you money because you get the job done much faster with their help loading and unloading.

There are plenty of man with a van services in London that specialise in certain types of loads. They carry equipment with them that will make moving your items safe and easier, AND you get their packing and loading skills. For the best way on saving money have a look at my page on how to get the cheapest quotes.

The core of my site explains how to go about employing a reliable small local man with a van company that is based on first hand knowledge and experience gained while running my own business.

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