All About Man and Van Companies

Craig Bruun

Hi, I'm Craig Bruun. I used to be a "Man and Van" up until the end of 2012. I ran my small van delivery business in Kent and London for 5 years. Now I write about everything I learned while running my business with the hope that it will help others. 

My man and van advice is aimed at 2 types of visitors to my site.

A. Self movers. It is packed with handy, first hand practical advice for self movers. These are people wanting to save some money by moving their possessions by themselves as opposed to hiring a van or a removals truck.

B.Advice on how to start a man with a van business. The reason I've decided to share my knowledge is because there is simply too much confusing, contradicting advice on the subject out there. 

This is a relatively new website. One that I can work on after hours or on some weekend. So, if you have any questions relating to man and van services, please feel free to engage and ask questions by using the contact boxes at the bottom of each page. Your man and van related questions and comments will be visible to my other readers, so please keep it clean and relative to man and van topics. 

So, why do people use local Man and Van Transportation Businesses? 


  • They  usually don't have to pay a large deposit  to a man and van company. 
  • They don't have to drive a rented van that they are unfamiliar with. 
  • Man and Van companies bring their packing and manual handling skills with them 
  • Some can supply more than one man to help with larger loads 
  • Man with van companies offer a far more flexible approach than courier companies when arranging eBay or 3rd party collection and deliveries because they are not on a timed schedule that is dictated by a boss. They can arrange collection and delivery times to suit the seller and buyer 
  • Many man and van businesses will allow passengers to travel with in the van. 

A YouTube Video of a Man and Van in Action

This old video of me in action was shot and put on my man and van website when I was still running my business. It helped people understand what I could and couldn't help them with and it also showed them the size of my van. If you're thinking of starting a small business of your own, I definitely recommend having a video on your site. For those thinking of stating a man and van business, please check out my advice in the menu. There is a section on how video won me lots of work when I was a man with a van. I will go into more detail about how to shoot a small video for your website and how it can help you win business. Anybody can and SHOULD shoot a small video for their matter what small business you decide to start. Even if it has nothing to do with setting up a man with van business.