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Hi, Im Craig Bruun. Ex Man and Van Business Owner and now writer on the subject.  

My site reveals everything I learned while running my own small van delivery company in Kent before I retired in 2012.

Here you'll find great money saving ideas that will make self moving and planning a delivery of your items a stress free experience. 

Why do People Use Man+Van Services?

Simple really, they offer a very convenient way to transport all types of things that are too large or delicate for a courier to deliver, while filling the gap between expensive home removals companies and the inconvenience of van rental.

Some of them narrow the gap between self moving and the costs of large moving companies even further by providing the option of hiring extra men for more challenging transporting jobs. These include moving pianos, machinery and heavy appliances.

These small companies are much more than just Van with Driver services, they bring plenty of skill and experience that will not only save you time in figuring out what order to load and how to securely transport all sorts of items, but they also save you money because you get the job done much faster with their help.

It's worthwhile exploring man and van services as an option for any type of delivery nowadays because many of them specialise in certain types of loads. They carry equipment with them that will make moving your items safe and easier, AND you get their packing and loading skills - There's nothing worse than having to repack a van because you've done it wrong to start with. 

The core of my site explains how to go about employing a reliable small local business with the aim to guide you with first hand knowledge that's based on experience gained while running my own business.  

What a Typical Man and Van Company Can Do to Help You. 

Please note: Watch this video ONLY as a guide to see what you should expect.

My "How to" Tips When Using a Man and Van 

My site covers all aspects of self moving, money saving advice and DIY cheap transportation including:

How to find a recommended, reliable man with a van that will actually pitch up and stick to his quote!

How to get the cheapest prices by knowing what factors will increase your quote.

  • How to find honest reviews. 
  • Spotting Scams and Rogue Traders
  • Moving heavy furniture like wardrobes, washing machines, pianos and safes etc.
  • What size van will you need? I’ll show you examples of home contents that will fit in different size vans.
  • Tips on packing and preparing for your home removal. Including box size advice. 

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