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  • It's a FREE site packed full of handy information to help you make an informed decision BEFORE you employ a stranger to enter your home and help you move your stuff. 

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I write about stuff based on my own experiences of starting and running a small delivery company before retiring in 2012. I've completed over 2,400 moves and deliveries in my own van.

There are also over 30 pages and subpages of handy moving tips in the menu.

Here you can find all the advice you need. I also write about the things that made my own man & van business successful.

Hot Topics include;

  • How to spot removals scams and avoid dealing with unscrupulous fly-by-night companies and small delivery businesses.
  • How to pack before your move?
  • How to get the cheapest moving quotes. 
  • I address the issue of false man with a van reviews on the internet and how to find a genuine, reliable and recommended man with van company with genuine customer feedback.
  • Business owners can also contribute with advice for other small one business owners, network and seek help to market their man and van business.
  • Nothing's off limits, except foul or abusive language, and malicious reviews.

These are the types of jobs we talk about in the forum:

Advantages of Hiring a Man with a Van when Moving Home

  • Price: They offer competitive prices on single item transportation, small moves and time sensitive collections such as eBay purchases too large for couriers. Good man and van companies transport items that are too cumbersome or delicate to courier, and at much cheaper rates than larger removals companies can do because they have to pay for premises and most don't have to charge VAT.
  • More Convenient: It's a method of transportation that fits in with YOUR plans and times. Many in larger cities such as London also work after hours and nights. Almost all work weekends too. There is no need to take time off work to wait for that sofa you bought off eBay to be delivered. 
  • Better than Renting a Van:  DIY movers who choose to use the services of a man with a van would otherwise have the hassle of renting a van themselves. 
  • Help You Carry and Load: Any good man and a van who quotes you a price to help you move items should actively help you carry and load your items. That is unless you've specifically hired him as a "van with driver". Your prices are in most cases flexible based on the amount of help required. Most of the larger companies also offer 2, 3 or 4 extra men on more challenging removal jobs such as lifting and transporting of pianos, heavy appliances and machinery.

5 Ways to find one

  1. and similar sites allow you to list your job for local businesses to bid on. This can be a way of saving money on a small removal or delivery, especially as many small companies bid on jobs in the area that they will be traveling to in the near future. Some argue that the quality of service you receive from a man & van who's competing to offer the lowest price might not deliver the type of service you'll need. This needn't necessarily be true though. You have a choice to read feedback and reviews before deciding. Remember though, it's almost NEVER a good idea to make your decision based on price alone!  
  2. Secondly, you could try sites such as Gumtree. Here you will see pictures of the type of van the chap has. Assuming it's his and not a picture he stole off the internet! The downside of using this method to find a man with a van is that you often don't get to know all there is to know about who you're hiring. Any person can advertise on Gumtree and many don't include their websites. Besides, most only provide a telephone number which means your susceptibility to scams increases. Read about man and van removals scams before you decide.
  3. Thirdly, search Google for "man with a van" - There are thousands of listings. Of course, there are also many crooks and rogue traders too. Don't ALWAYS trust 5 star reviews! These can be false, as I explain in this page . Avoid becoming a victim of a cowboy small removals companies by navigating through my site for more tips on how to protect yourself and your possessions. 
  4. Lastly, you are welcome to use the forum on this site. Hundreds of service providers browse this forum each day and I Tweet almost ALL user submitted entries too. So, whether need a quote, or just want some advice on how to move a piano through a tight doorway, you're sure to receive an answer fast.

Reader Submissions

Visit the forum to read what others have said. You can also submit your own recommendations, views and ideas.

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