Man and Van - a Beginners Guide to Hiring a Reliable Small Moving Company

Hi. I'm Craig Bruun.

My site is aimed at helping two types of visitors:

  1. People looking for a Man and Van : I reveal the good and the bad. How to avoid scams, what size van you'll need, packing advice plus great self moving tips and money saving advice for people who need to move stuff as cheaply as possible with the least amount of stress. 
  2. Existing Man with Van Companies who want to network in order to force out the Fly-By-Night operators: I provide, promote, and distribute information by networking with other genuine small man and van businesses who offer higher levels of service at a fair price to their customers.  

Advantages of Using Man and Van Hire

The advantages of hiring a man with a van are :

  • Offer competitive prices on single item transportation, small moves and time sensitive collections such as eBay purchases too large for couriers.
  • Man and van hire is a far more convenient method of transportation that fits in with YOUR plans and times., working after hours and late nights, and weekends too.
  • Good man and van companies transport items that are too cumbersome or delicate to courier, and at much cheaper rates than larger removals companies can do because they have to pay for premises and most don't have to charge VAT
  • Much more convenient for DIY movers who would otherwise have the hassle of renting a van. 
  • Most of the larger man and and van companies also offer 2, 3 or 4 extra men on more challenging removal jobs such as lifting and transporting pianos, heavy appliances and machinery.

Don't be put off by size, even though these are small compared to larger scale removal companies, even the one man businesses still offer a number of features other than their "van with driver" transport service.

  • Man and Van business owners know the ins and outs of loading and offloading as well as manual handling techniques that will make that tricky sofa slide through that doorway much faster than the occasional DIY mover can.
  • They know what order to load the van so that everything fits. Be sure to check my van size guide to see what fits before you hire the wrong man and van with the wrong van.
  • They operate smaller vans and tucks, from Transits to Luton Box vans that are easily maneuverable through some of the tight London streets.
  • Man and van companies specialise in heavy or fragile loads can secure items, from rocking horses purchased off ebay even pianos and AGA cookers, and deliver it safely at a fraction of the cost of the larger companies.

They'll save you big bucks and not to mention time as they'll help you load and unload the van too. Or, if you want to do it differently, read how this chap moved home some 200 miles by getting his 3 huskies to do the moving.  

However, with the good there comes the bad! Read my Scams and Warnings pages in the menu to see why not ALL man and van hire companies are the same.

Spotting the Difference Between the Good and the Bad Man and Van Hire Companies is Not Easy!

Using Man and Van hire can be a huge gamble, but so is using a large company! You never know what you’re going to get until they show up on your doorstep to do the job (or in some cases he doesn't even bother pitching).

Moving is stressful, God knows I've seen enough domestic disputes because of it while running my own man and van business between London and Kent for 5 years. Which is why I chose to build this website!

Choosing the wrong man and van to do the job could end up costing you even more. Here on my site, you’re going to learn how to save money when moving and at the same time you’ll learn everything there is to know about how to self move on a budget. 

All of these invaluable moving tips will hopefully make your move a more stress-free experience.

Good Luck and please navigate through the rest of my site to read my tips on man and van hire, as well as my advice for new man and van start-ups. 

What Size Van Will You Need?

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